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Need Help?

Need Help?

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence or are at risk of homelessness and need help or support, please click the link below to go through to our Helpful Links page where you will find links to support services.

There are national and state-based agencies that can assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hobart Women’s Shelter staff are incredibly knowledgeable, specialising in issues relating to domestic/family violence, gender discrimination and homelessness as related to women and their children in Tasmania.

Our staff are able to visit your school, community group or workplace and present on issues that relate to women’s homelessness in Tasmania.

Workshops/Information sessions include:

  • Hobart Women's Shelter – What We Do

    An overview of the history of the Hobart Women’s Shelter, the services we offer, and the number of people assisted. We look at case studies, and good news stories outlining how community support and donations has allowed the Hobart Women’s Shelter to make a difference for women and children in Tasmania.

  • Women's Homelessness

    Women face specific issues and risks when/if they become homeless this workshop provides an overview of the unique barriers and issues which face women leading them to become homelessness, and the risks they face whilst homeless. We look at case studies, and explore both solutions and barriers out of homelessness

  • Mentoring in Violence Prevention

    Mentoring in Violence Protection training sessions open dialogue about leadership around issues such as: assault, sexual assault, fighting, and bullying. The program strives to challenge participants to understand and embrace the necessity of their action as leaders and proactive bystanders when faced with violent situations. The highly interactive training sessions are utilised to develop safe and concrete options for participants to employ during a range of school or social situations – ranging from the rather harmless-seeming to actual violence.